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The Little Explorers – Outdoor Adventures For Children

If you want to spend some quality time outside with your little ones and explore all of the different trails and parks around town, we can help.
Join our weekly adventures and become part of a growing community of adventurous families and outdoor lovers.


Parents and their children discovering nature and exploring the trails and everything it has to offer. From forest trails to riverside, we explore all kind of locations.


Making new friends and helping new families to integrate in a new community.


Letting kids be kids through free unstructured play in nature, which is critically important for the development of children’s bodies and brains.


Teaching children about respecting nature through nature walks, outdoor adventures, nature crafts and special outdoor events.

“It takes a village to raise an outdoor child”

Linda Åkeson McGurk

Blog Posts

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Tracy Ho

We absolutely love this group! We're new to Squamish and when we heard that there was an outdoor group, we were given the opportunity to go out and explore without venturing on our own. Marie brings us to different trails suitable for all levels and at our own pace. She's also planned themed walks to make it enjoyable for the kids. We met quite a few other families along the way. Would definitely recommend this group to others.

Erika Jaeger

I was so happy when Marie-Andree decided to organize hikes for busy toddlers. Marie plans hikes that are fun and manageable for parents with toddlers. I love seeing how the kids can walk and explore without the pressure of keeping up with a fast pace. Sometimes the snacking is the focal point of the whole outing! I’m learning new hikes and meeting more families in our community and Timo is his happiest just being left to explore and adventure at his own pace. I am so great full for all Marie’s efforts to get kids and their parent out into our natural environment, and for making it so stress-free and fun!!

Jenn Lasek

I started attending the Little Explorers after 6 years of living in Squamish - more than a year later I'm STILL meeting great new people and exploring parts of this amazing community I never even knew existed. It's a fantastic resource for anyone with young children who are lucky to call Squamish home. I'm super excited to see how the group grows and all the new adventures that are in store for us.

Candee Clark

The Little Explorers is my favorite group for my daughter and I! I’m new to Squamish and it’s been so amazing to learn about all the trails, hikes and parks in town that are easy for little toddler legs. It’s so nice for me as well to have a consistent group of other mamas to talk to. It’s important to me that we get out in nature and play and learn! I highly recommend this group! Marie-Andrée has done an exceptional job organizing events and hikes for our Little Explorers!

Jodi Arsenault

My daughter and I started joining in on The Little Explorer’s adventures during the summer. Having moved back to Squamish not knowing many people this group not only helps my daughter socialize with other kids her age but has also really helped me as a single mom meet other moms in the area. I love the concept of getting the children to get outside and appreciate nature. Many people I know would not think twice about going out in the pouring rain but we go out rain, hail or shine and love it! Monday mornings are something that both myself and my 2-year-old daughter look forward to every week and we are so stoked that Marie facilitates such well run and organized adventure’s each week

Alex - The Little Explorers - Testimonial

Alexandra Pett

From a little boy who is full of adventure and needs the great outdoors to let off steam, to a mama who is terrified of indoor mother and baby groups, to The Little Explorers Group is the perfect solution for us. It combines social time, fresh air, exercise, education and has helped us discover so many awesome new spots in Squamish. For the past year we have barely missed a meet up and I can honestly say we’d be lost on a Monday morning without it.

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