How it all got started

How it all got started

Almost 2 years ago now, my son Jackson was born and our life totally changed. Ive got a new mission in life now, We are raising a little human and I want him to have the best life one can ever dream of.

We decided to call Squamish home, that’s where our little family will have most of our adventures. We are lucky to be nearby plenty of different landscapes, we’re surrounded by mountains, rivers, giant cedars, a huge wall of granite that we call the chief, and also the ocean. And for the adrenaline junkies we live in the best place on earth. There is endless access for backcountry skiing, hundreds of mountain bike trails from beginners to advanced,  unlimited climbing routes and lots of amazing trails for hikers and nature lovers.

I have been enjoying these scenes for more than 10 years, and now the one thing I want to do the most is teach my little guy everything I know about nature, bring him to the top of every mountains, go on long walks in the forest and explore the surroundings. That’s the way I want him to start his life and I have been so inspired by just looking into his eyes and see that spark. Everything is so spectacular in the eyes of our little ones, there is so much to see once you step outside, we just need to focus on the moment and enjoy every little things .

I am raising a wild child, a nature lover, a little explorer and I am so proud!

I hope you are inspired to do the same and hope to see you soon on the trails.

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