5 outdoor activities for families to do on a rainy day in Squamish

5 outdoor activities for families to do on a rainy day in Squamish

As you probably already know, Squamish can be quite rainy, It doesn’t mean it’s time to Hibernate and stay indoors for the fall and winter, there still lots of fun to have on those rainy days.

“There is no such things as bad weather, only inappropriate clothings” -Ranulph Fiennes

The little ones need to get out everyday, even if it’s only for half hour it’s better then no time outside at all. I’m sure we’ve all noticed our toddlers being more cranky on the days we spend mostly indoors and just a little bit of fresh air can fix it all. Get those muddy buddy on and lets get outside rain or shine


1. Go for walks in the rain forest

In the fall and winter months, I love those walks in the forests, since the giant trees shelter us from the rain. We all love our beautiful rain forest right so without the rain, It wouldn’t be as stunning. Some of my favorite places to go are the 4 lakes trails which is a 6km round trip if you do the whole loop or you can decide on only going around Stump, or Alice or even Edith which is a little longer. The trails are marked really well and are fairly easy.  An other favorite one of mine is the Ray Peters trails, the forest is so dense you can barely notice the rain, there is lots of different loops on these trails as well and fun bridges that the kids can have fun on.

2. Go check out Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls is pretty spectacular in the rainy season, the debit of water is much higher then in the summer. I dare you to get all the way to the top of the stairs…. You might get a bit wet if you do!  Sometimes on those colder days you can have the chance to see the falls frozen and ice climber going up the fall, It’s pretty amazing to watch!


3. Go puddle jumping

Which kids doesn’t like jumping in puddles, Jackson sure loves it, he always finds the deepest and biggest puddles there is! Why don’t you join your little one, put your rain boots on and go jump along with them. You will be surprise how much fun this is!

4. Head up the sea to sky gondola

Last winter, we had a season pass to go up the sea to sky gondola and it was such a good investment. There’s plenty of hikes or little walks to go on once your up there, and sometimes you can even escape the rain for snow.

5. Get up high and go play in the snow

Last year we got pretty lucky weather wise in Squamish, the snow stuck around for a couple months which is quite rare. Playing in snow is always so much fun. Get a sled and go slide on a hill, make a snowman, build a snow fort… there is so much to do with snow, you can go for a snowshoe ride, even teach your little one how to snowboard or ski… one of our favorite place to go here in Squamish is up red heather, it’s a quick drive and you get right at snow level (chains are required to get to the top parking lot). It is a 5km hike up to the red heather hut and there’s also a nice view point about 1km into the hike if your just looking for a shorter hike.


Hope this will help you find an activity that’s good for your family this fall! Have fun and enjoy!

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