Trail safety

Trail safety: High wind on trails

This past Monday on our Little explorers meet up, we got to the trail head and the weather turned out to be super windy. My husband, Jackson and I got out to look at the trail sign and a branch fell about 20 feet in front of us. We then decided that it wasn’t going to be safe bringing the whole group in the forest with high winds like this.  I think we made a good decision to keep everyone safe and we had an other options which was going onto the river bank on the other side of the road, to watch eagles flying around and play on the beach.

2017-01-04 12.59.23

So this is something not everyone thinks about before heading out on a trail and I wanted to remind everyone about some safety tips with high winds. It can be quite dangerous if you are out in the forest on a windy day. The wind is strong enough and it is possible for trees to collapse or lose limbs, they have brittle branches that snap easily and it could injure someone or cause some serious damage.


4 Safety tips you must know

1- Stay away from forest trails on days with high wind warnings

You can be your own judge, if you feel it’s too windy to get out on the trails, sometimes you’ve got to trust those gut feeling, It’s not wort taking a chance, There is plenty of other places to go that are much safer.

2-  Don’t stay in one place for too long, keep on moving

If it happens that the wind picks up while you are already on the trail, try not to stay in one area for too long, it is better to keep on moving to prevent branches to fall on you or your little one.

3- Keep your little ones close by

If you are on a trail and the wind picks up, It is safe to keep your little ones close by just for precautions.

4- Get out of the forest

If the wind picks up while your are on a walk in the forest, it’s a safe call to decide to head back home, you never know how strong the wind can become and you don’t want to be surrounded by tons of trees on a wind storm.

Signs of strong wind

-Broken branches and debris on trail.

-Trees top are moving sideways and looks like they want to break.

I hope these quick tips will help you stay safe out there.



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