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Valentines Day nature-inspired activities to do with kids

It’s almost Valentines day and I was looking to make some fun Valentines crafts with Jackson that was nature-inspired. We need to get creative sometimes to get the kids out of the house on those rainy days, I find that when he has a mission and things to look for, Jackson has way more fun outside and wants to help find everything we need to make our little projects.

I found lots of Ideas for activities and arts and crafts to do with our little ones and wanted to share them with you.

Happy valentines everyone and I hope you enjoy these fun ideas.


6 Nature-Inspired Valentines arts and craft

  1. Driftwood heart
  2. Nature hearts
  3. Pinecone heart
  4. Birch bark heart ornaments
  5. Branch hanging heart
  6. Forest heart crafts


2 Nature-Inspired Valentines activities

  1. Valentines Nature walk (go for a walk into nature and try spotting natural object with heart shapes along the walk)
  2. Outdoor Heart hunt 


I hope this gives you some Ideas for you and your little one for some Valentine’s day fun! Happy Valentines everyone! Much love to you and your family!


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