Explore Tofino in the shoes of a Toddler

Explore Tofino in the shoes of a Toddler

Have you ever put yourself in your toddler’s shoes for a minute?

Tofino our last family vacation as a family of 3.

Wow, they see the world in a totally different way as we do… Sometimes I think parenting could be much easier if we just stop and think about what our children could be thinking right at this moment and why they are acting the way they are… Wouldnt it be nice to be able to read in their little minds and ear what they can’t or won’t tell you?

We decided to make Tofino our last family vacation as a family of 3. I am 39 weeks pregnant and ready to pop anytime now, but before baby boy #2 shows up, we needed a vacation where we could explore in the outdoor and also relax at the same time. Tofino was just what we needed, it’s one of the most beautiful and diverse places I have ever been and it’s only about 5 hours from our home, even tho you feel like you are in a totally exotic place. The winter months can be really quiet and stormy out there which makes it a perfect place to relax as well. It actually wasn’t the case tho when we were there, It turned out to be sunny 8 days out of the 10 days we were there and it was about 8-10 degrees which are really warm for Tofino in February.

Enough about all of the boring talks lets get to what Jackson got to experience on our vacation.

Beaches, Beaches

There is so much fun to have on the beach for children. One of Jackson’s favorite thing to do is running on the beach and jumping in every single tide puddles there is, ah men did we get a lot of rain gear and boots wet, but that’s what it’s all about right, being a kid you just want to have fun and you’ve got to let them have fun and do crazy things. That’s the way they learn, by testing their limits and learning from their actions.

This time Jackson was much more into making amazing masterpieces with anything he could find on the beach, we collected a lot of rocks, driftwood, seashells, sand dollars and built castles with it or made some kind of nature arts, or even build some fire pits or mini tents. Children have so much imagination they can entertain themselves with anything they find, we just got to let them use their imagination as they can. Sometimes I would get bored and want to go for a walk on the beach or check out new places but then I stopped and looked at my son and I could see in his eyes how much fun he was having and how concentrated he was on his little mission to collect every single piece of seashells there was on the beach to then, lined them all up on a piece of driftwood or add them to his sand castle he built.  When you stop and observe what they are doing and try to read their mind to see what they are thinking, it makes you slow down and stop rushing the moments to try to do more and more… Instead, it makes you enjoy the present moment and makes you become a kid again and have fun with the littlest things.

Cox Bay



Chesterman beach

Endless Trails

The trails in Tofino are such a natural wonder,  they offer limitless possibilities with such a large system of scenic trails. Tofino has quite a unique ecosystem, There is everything we wish for, from beautiful sandy beaches to lush rainforest, you can find exciting outdoor activities for everyone.

Top 3 Toddler-friendly trails

1. Bog Trail
: This trail is part of the Pacific Rim National Park, It’s a 0.8 km long trail, consisting entirely of boardwalks, which makes it stroller friendly and a really good trails for the little ones to go on with their run bikes. We actually did 2 loops in a row since Jackson was having so much fun on it. The ecosystem surrounding this trail is one of a kind, it is covered of Sphagnum moss on most of the surface and can be one to two meters thick, with small shore pine growing on top of it. Go check it out for yourself, it’s a pretty interesting trail and totally different from the rainforests.

Bog trail

2. Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop: This 2.6 km trail is such a wonderful walk, the first part of the trail runs along the Pacific Coastline, with lots of viewpoints and access to beaches and rocks if you’re a fan of storm watching. It’s a wide gravel path and short enough for the little ones to be able to walk most of it. Jackson actually biked it (It says no bike at the trailhead tho, but I’m sure push bikes are ok, well I think…) About halfway on the trail, you can get a better look at the Lighthouse and the wild ocean. I truly recommend this trail, we had a lot of fun on it.

Wild Pacific Trail

3. Tonquin Beach: The Tonquin Beach trail is a total of 3 km but can be done in a couple of different ways. You can choose to do the short trail that brings you straight to the beach, which is about 10-15 minutes walk down a wooden walkway.  At low tide there is plenty of rocks to go climb on to watch some ocean wildlife like starfish, clams, Anemones and more, there is also big pools of water that remains on the beach and can be a lot of fun to run across them. Tonquin is also one of the most beautiful beaches to watch the sunset and its much quieter since it is not directly facing the Pacific, so not many waves get to this beach. If this short walk wasn’t enough for you, you can get back on the trail and go to the forest loop and even get to Third Beach. The trails are beautiful all the way there, a wide gravel path with viewpoints of the ocean and pretty creeks all along the forest loop.

Tonquin Beach Trail

Jackson’s favorite part of this whole trip…

Biking at the Tuff City Bike Park. Here is a little video of him Ripping it up in the park

I hope you enjoyed and that it made you want to go check out this piece of paradise called Tofino.

Jackson Tremblay, 2 years old, Biking at the Tofino bike park

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