Winter Camping With A Toddler

Winter Camping With A Toddler

Have you ever gone winter camping before? Do you think it’s too cold to camp in a tent in the middle of winter?

camping in a snow storm

My partner and I are big fans of the winter months, we used to go on winter camping mission with our touring gear out in the backcountry of British Columbia all the time. We never wanted to give up those adventures once we have kids and we didn’t. We just had to upgrade our set up a little so it’s safe and comfortable for us and our little one. Here is a piece about our first winter camping experience with our little one last year, You’ll see it’s possible and can be a lot of fun out there, as long as you are well prepared and have the right gear for it.

Starting the new year the right way!

For years we have been dreaming of this perfect camping set up and we always pushed it back to next year… next year! Well, next year was finally this year! We now have the perfect set up to go out, whatever the weather, our little family will always be super cozy in our Alaknak tent! Winter camping

We decided that the week of the new year would be a perfect time to give it a try for the first time! The morning of December 29th, 2016, 5 am, the whole family was packed in our old ford250 1992, the sled in the back, ready to hit the road and go on a 5 days mission out in the mountains. The storm rolled in the night before, It was a hectic 2 hours drive to Pemberton, BC where we parked the truck and hopped on the snowmobile. The sleight attached to the back of it was packed with our shelter, warm clothes and our food for the trip. It was Jackson’s first snowmobile ride, It went so smooth that he even fell asleep for more than half of the way up there! After about 30 km, we found the perfect spot, where we will call home for the next 5 days. A big flat spot at the summit of the hurley, a creek was running right beside and endless terrain to get some turns on our snowboard and the sled. There was already about 6-7 feet of snow up there, and super fluffy, perfect to go jump of pillows and cliffs on our boards! But first, we had to set up our tent and get the wood stove going to warm us up! Setting up a new tent in a snowstorm is always fun right, and even better with a little 16 months old running around all over the place! We made it happen, after an hour or 2, the tent was set up, it was nice and warm inside it and we were enjoying a warm tea and a soup to warm us and fill us up before going on the hunt for firewood. That’s pretty much what our first day consisted of, setting up, cutting enough wood for 5 days, making little trails for easy access to the creek and building a little fire pit for outside. After a day of hard work, we ended it with a well deserved hot wine.

My boys
What a great moment, our little one is sleeping in his playpen beside the wood stove, he looks super cozy and tired From a full day out playing in the snow. At this moment my heart was so full of joy! It couldn’t be any better, we are in the middle of the mountains, the whole family with only the sound of the wind and the snow hitting the roof of our tent.
I love being out there, there is no rush to do anything and we have all the time in the world to just do fun stuff and enjoy some family time. The next couple of days consisted of building snow caves, snowman, shaping slides, exploring the area, we also built some features that we could hit on our snowboards, and found some natural hits as well. Jackson even tried his mini snowboard for the first time and loved it.

LIttle snowboarderDad ripped it up on the sled doing some hill climbs and side hills. We just had the best time ever, and to finish up the year right, we had a tasty moose fondue over a clear sky with millions of stars over our heads. We are so ready for more winter camping missions for 2017, I just can’t wait already… The smile on Jackson’s face the whole time we were out there was all a mom can ask for. To see how happy my little man is to go discover new places, sleep in a tent, play outside in all kind of weather, slide in the snow, look at mom and dad have fun on their board and the sled… I can see in his big bright eyes that he just wants more of this, and keep exploring! For the next adventure!!

Family sled ride

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