5 Benefits To Riding A Balance Bike

5 Benefits To Riding A Balance Bike


You’ve probably been seeing a lot more toddlers on balance bike in the past few years, well there is a reason why the numbers of children on a balance bike is on the rise. There is no need for tricycle and training wheels anymore, the balance bike makes the transition to pedal bike so smooth and here are some benefits that will tell you why starting your children on one of those will make your life so much easier and your children’s life so fun.

Balance Bike Benefits

1. Start Them Young

It’s awesome to see all of these little persons riding bikes now. You can start your children on a balance bike as early as 18 months old and they will surprise you how quickly they will be able to master it. Our little guy was still a little too short for his 12 inch bike when he first got it but for the first little while, we took the seat off and taped a cloth on the pole, that way, he was able to practice walking with his bike and got on a bike earlier than if we had to wait for him to grow.


2.Balance And Coordination

These bikes give the opportunity for children to develop their gross motor skills which include whole-body movements, they have to be able to coordinate their legs, arms and core muscles together in order to balance on their bike, walk with it, push with their legs and stir with their handlebar. Their progression will go from walking with the bike to sitting on the seat, balancing and lifting both feet off the ground. And there cruising in no time.


3. Safety

The children have a lot more control of their bike since their feet are always touching the ground, they are more confident that way and not as likely to fall and injure themselves. These balance bikes are easy to stop by dragging their feet on the ground, or some of them even have hand brakes.


4.Outdoor Time

Biking is a sport that we get to enjoy out in nature, it’s an excellent way to stay active, build up your endurance, and burn some energy.  We have a lot of different options depending on what your little one likes to ride. You can ride trails, pump tracks, bike parks or even just ride on the street, these are all great and makes children spend some quality time outside.



Biking is a sport that we can enjoy with the whole family. It’s healthy for everyone to get out for a family bike ride, it is free and it makes us spend time out in nature. Children like to practice what they see, so the more you encourage biking and bring them riding with friends and family, the more they will want to do it. Monkey see monkey do, their skills will quickly improve if they have someone to look up to.


So many benefits to starting our children on a balance bike early on.

Enjoy the ride


Rainy day on balance bike
Toddlers feet on balance bikes

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