Spawn Cycles – Supporting  Our Local Bike Club

Spawn Cycles – Supporting Our Local Bike Club

Supporting our local community has always been something really important to me. After starting a toddler/pre-schooler Bike Club this past June, which has for mission to introduce children to bike riding and safety at a young age, there was something else I needed to do…

I often get asked “what size of bike should I get for my child” or “which brand is the best” but this is a hard question to answer when you’ve only tried out one brand. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could test out a few brands of different sizes and shapes? Well, this got me thinking, I could try to work on that and make it possible for families to try out bikes before taking their decision on which one to purchase.  When you don’t ask, you don’t receive, forever I’ve been scared of asking, scared of being turned down or said no to… but why? Why not just try and if you get a no well, too bad, at least you’ve tried. So that’s what I did and It’s surprising how much people are willing to help when you’ve got a good cause and are willing to ask. So I decided to reach out to bike companies and tell them what our bike club was all about and if they were interested in supporting our program.

Squamish, A Generous Bike Community

One of our Squamish local company, Spawn Cycles  Which is a family owned and operated company, got back to me shortly after I sent them an email. They loved our bike club project and decided to donate two bikes for our bike club members. I am overly excited to share this with you guys and to make this possible for our local families. I really appreciate the support from Spawn and looking forward to work with them going forward.

We had a Bike Club meet-up this past Thursday and brought along our wood ramps and the Spawn bikes for everyone to try out. It was such a good turnout and everyone were super excited to try out our new bikes and features.  Here are a few photos from our riding day




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