5 Trail Games to keep the kids motivated

5 Trail Games to keep the kids motivated


Here on the Pacific West Coast, those winter months can feel like we’re never gonna see the sun ever again. The rain arrives near the end of September and stays all the way until late March, early April… Yep, You’ve heard that right… 6 months of straight up rain. Well, no wonder why we have giant trees and beautiful rainforest as we do. It can be really hard to get motivated to get out every day in the rain with our little ones but we all know that if we get them out of the house, the day will go way smoother and they won’t destroy the house trying to climb on the counter and empty everything that’s in the cupboard.

Sometimes you only need a few little tips to get them out on a mission and they forget all about the rain. Below are 5 fun trail games for you and your little ones while walking on trails on a rainy day.  Let’s make these wet days fun for everyone.

Trail Games

Hug A Tree

You can play hug a tree on any nature walk. It’s a simple game and it can be done all the way to the end of the trail. You decide on a Tree Master  and this person can call out “TREE HUG” at any time, then everyone has to run and hug a tree, the last person to hug a tree is out for this round and you play until there’s only one person left, then he becomes the Tree Master and we start all over again.

Little tree hugers

Follow The Leader

Pick a trail leader and let’s get everyone to follow him/her along the trail, going over stumps, jump on rocks, around trees and even crawl underneath fallen ones. The kids will love this one and everyone can have a turn at being the leader.

Walk This Way

There are so many different ways we can walk but let’s make it even more fun by walking like different kind of animals. We can all hop like bunnies or gallop like a horse, walk like a duck or backward like a crab. Get creative and find lots of different ways to walk like animals.

Where’s The Stuffy

Bring a little stuffy along on the trail with you and get the children to close their eyes while you hide their furry friend somewhere on the trail.  You can also play the game as whoever finds it gets a turn on hiding the stuffy and keep it going until you feel like it.

Teddy bear hiding behind a tree

Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of nature items that the children will have to find along the way, depending on where you are going, you can choose the items in function of what will be available at your location (you can find lots of scavenger hunt templates on Pinterest) There is lots of different kind of scavenger hunt ex: Beach Hunt, Bug Hunt, Forest Hunt, Camping Hunt, Park Hunt, etc. You can either bring a bucket or reusable bag to store all of your nature treasure in and at the end, once everyone has found most of what was on their list, you can gather together to create a Nature art piece with all of the treasures they found along the way.

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