Four Lakes Trail – Alice Lake Provincial Park

Four Lakes Trail – Alice Lake Provincial Park

Hike Of The Month

Four Lakes Trail

Type: Hiking all year around – Biking from September 16- April 30

Difficulty: Easy

Length of hike: 6.5 Km

Elevation gain: 138 m

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

Dogs allowed: Yes, on a leash

Route Type: Loop (You can also choose to do separate lakes loop or only 2-3 of them, there are lots of options)

Toilets: Yes

Camping: Yes

A group of toddlers stopped at Stump Lake

Located North of Squamish in the Alice Lake Provincial Park, the four lakes trail is a beautiful loop that you can enjoy with the whole family. The trails pass through a beautiful rainforest surrounded by mossy Cedars, Douglas Fir, and Hemlocks. The forest floor is covered with bright green moss, which makes the forest look magical, along with the many creeks that run all over the trail.

Depending on the time you have or your level of fitness, you can pick and choose lots of different routes.

-If you want a steeper start you can start with the trail at Alice lake’s far beach, which goes up to Edith lake on a series of switchbacks. This lake is my personal favorite, it is such a great lake to swim in and, since you have to hike up to it, it’s never too crowded. You can then follow the trail towards, fawn and stump lake, the trail is well marked you just have to follow the markers at each trail junctions. You will eventually make your way back to Alice Lake.

-Toddler-friendly loop Both Alice and Stump lake are toddler-friendly;
-Alice Lake is somewhat flat all around and has 2 beaches across from each other, a small bike park and a playground. You can even rent canoes, kayaks, and SUP near the first beach if you feel like going on the water. There are lots to entertain the little ones but Alice is definitely the busiest of all 4 lakes.

-Stump Lake is another Toddler friendly hike, I would recommend going clockwise since there is an uphill section on the left side (uphills are always better at the starts before the little ones get tired) at the top of the hill, you will be able to see Atwell, then you will start heading back down towards Cheekeye river, where there’s another lookout. The trail will split into 2 junctions, you can either go towards Fawn Lake or keep going around stump if you want to walk a shorter loop.

Happy trail! I hope you enjoy this hike.

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  • Playing pekaboo at Stump Lake
  • 3 toddlers taking a break at Stump Lake

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