5 Tips for Photographing Toddlers In the Wild

5 Tips for Photographing Toddlers In the Wild

Photographing kids is both fun and challenging. The raw expressions and funny antics are beyond priceless. In order to capture these moments, you’ll have to be as quick as they are. You want them to be themselves, unscripted chaos and lovingly sweet. Capture the smiles, the screams, the tears, and the prideful roar! The tired eyes and the muddy smiles. The toddler tantrums and the shouts of victory. It’s all part of the memories that go into the moments you want to preserve. Leave perfection and posing behind and simply document their real life. I prefer to capture the raw moments at their birthday party or on our hikes with the Little Explorers. Here are 5 tips that will help get you started!


Toddlers hugging on the sandy beach

Toddlers running on a sandy beach


  1. Keep clicking. Take too many photos. I often come back from a party or an outdoor adventure and sift through 300 photos. Worry about filtering out the blurry ones later. Keep with the action. Move around the group and try new angles. Mix it up with some closeup details and wide scene shots.
  2.  Find your perfect camera settings for the event and leave them there. As you get more comfortable with your camera you will experiment more, but at the beginning keep it simple. Outdoor photography is especially helpful for this. Sunlight through the trees is beautifully illuminating and very forgiving.
  3. Get down to their level. Yup, you’re going to get as dirty as they are! Dress for dirt, weather, comfort, and stretch.
  4. Have fun. Don’t be an art director. Let the kids do their thing. It’ll be far more interesting and garner you the most honest pictures!
  5. Always have your camera ready. If my camera isn’t out, in my hand and ready to go, I won’t get that dinosaur roar in the split second it rampaged across the puddle!

cute toddler smiling


Even if you only came away with one great photo, that’s a win! Relax and let the children tell you their story. It’s always worth it!


Toddlers on a bridge in the forest


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