5 Must Have For Your Little Snowboarder

5 Must Have For Your Little Snowboarder

I’ve been asked so many times, what were my taught about snowboard gears for toddlers and young children. We all want to get the best gear for our little ones, but it can be pricey sometimes… But you know what, sometimes, it’s worth investing a bit of money on good gear that will last and do the job it’s supposed to do. If the kids have good gear, sometimes it can make the difference between spending an awesome day on the hill or cutting our day short cause our little ones are cold or wet. Here is the top gear I swear by when I go on a snowboarding adventure with my little ones.

A good snowboard kit is the base of it all, you want to make sure it’s the right size and fit for your child and you also want to have good boots for them. For the first 2 years, my son was riding, he was mostly just going down straight and wasn’t turning so he only had regular winter boots. Now, he is 3 years old and we are making the switch to proper snowboard boots so he can start turning and stopping properly. The Burton After School package has been the best option for us, Burton knows what they are doing and their kid’s boards are so well made. You can choose to purchase the Riglet Reel to tow your little one around and you can even have the snowboard sleeve if you want to practice indoor before the season starts. Their snowboard boots are also great and you can even remove a piece of the boot itself to make the boot bigger for next season.


Kids' Burton After School Special Snowboard Package

This harness has made our rides so much easier, you can use the harness in a few different ways, it can be to hang on to your child while he is riding in between your legs on his own snowboard, or you can use the 16″ retractable leash  to decide the distance between you and your little one with a simple push on the stop/release button.. You can now let your child go on his/her own and simply press the stop button to slow him/her down, prevent a front edge or make them turn. I’ve also been using the harness when we go on bike rides and we have to ride along a busy street or cross at an intersection.




Good mitts can be so difficult to find, you want them to fit good, easy to put on, and you want them to be waterproof. I’ve been loving these Gordini mitts, they are super easy to put on with the side zipper, they can fit well either under or over their winter jacket

4. NIBZ Kids Balaclava

How many layers do we need, I feel our little ones can never be warm enough, especially a day on the hill. Better be warm and happy then cold and having to deal with meltdowns. I’ve been loving this balaclava for outdoor adventure on cold days and snowboard days. NIBZ is a company developed by riders for riders so they know what’s up. Their products are designed to keep your face and head warm, dry and protected from the winter elements.

NIBZ Kids Balclava On A Baby

What’s worse then getting ready to head out and realizing that your gear is still all wet from the day before… I’ve done this too many time and I had to fix this issue. We purchased a boot dryer a few months ago and I don’t know how I lived without this for this long. West coast = Wet coast…  If you want to enjoy your outdoor adventures and always have dry gear, this will be quite helpful!

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