Winter Biking With Kids

Winter Biking With Kids

Whoever said that bike was meant to only be ridden in the summer needs to think about this again. I know we aren’t all lucky to have mild weather as we have on the west coast but biking in the winter can still be possible in lots of different ways. In this article, I will share some winter bike accessories, tips and ways to make this possible for the whole family.


Keep warm

Warm kiddo = Happy kiddos so make sure to dress your little ones appropriately for the weather. Dressing them well also mean not overdressing them cause I’ve seen it often where kids had so many layers on they weren’t even able to walk, imagine trying to ride their bikes… The proper layers will make all the difference and make your ride enjoyable for both you and your kids. Here’s our best gear combination for different kind of weather.


+5 to -5-degree Celsius

-5 to -20-degree Celsius

Kids riding bikes on wooden bridge
Kids riding bikes in the snow
Bike ride on wooden bridge

Pick the right trail

Winter biking can be a little more challenging than biking in the summer, you want to make sure you pick the right trail for you and your kids to be able to ride in slippery conditions.

  • Pick a trail that isn’t too steep
  • Trails in the forest tend to be a little less snowed in (depending on where you live of course)
  • Easy to access
  • Choosing a loop trail instead of having to turn back around (sometimes turning around can discourage some children)
  • Pick a trail with entertainment along the way (ex: a nice view to look at, a pond where they can throw rock or sticks in, ETC)
toddler riding a bike in the snow
Toddler riding a wooden bridge on his bike

Other Useful tips for winter biking with children

  • Always bring some hand and feet warmers along to warm up
  • Fill up a thermos with hot chocolate to share a sweet treat with your little ones on the ride
  • Lots and lots of snacks

Other ways to get around on bikes in the winter

I’ve seen some other really cool ways to ride bikes in the winter, we’ve never tried them out ourselves since there isn’t much snow here in Squamish but we would love to at some point.

Strider ski bike

What kind of biking adventure have you been up to this winter with your family? I would love to hear your stories and tips if you have some. I hope this made you want to get out and bike with your kids even in the middle of winter.

Enjoy the ride!


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