Best outdoor activities for you and your children this summer

Best outdoor activities for you and your children this summer

Are you often wondering ” What should we to do today with the kids?” You want to get out in nature and do something different with your little one but you just don’t have the inspiration. Well, I might just have what you need to make your summer memorable and filled with lots of great activities, nature crafts, and adventures. We created a monthly online program for families that loves to explore the outdoors and who wants to get creative using treasures found in nature.


Our goal with this program is to inspire families to go explore the outdoors with their little ones, we want them to benefits from our monthly activities curriculum by giving them inspiration and ideas to incorporate nature walk and crafts, exploration, and challenges that they may not choose to do on their own otherwise.

This kind of play offers an opportunity to build important physical, social, cognitive and life skills. Outdoor learning boosts problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It also helps children figure out how to respond to challenges and overcome fears.


The program includes:

  • 1 Scavenger hunt
  • 3 outdoor activities/ nature crafts
  • Challenge of the month
  • Activity checklist
  • Material checklist
Toddler Showing Her Findings - The Little Explorers
The Little Explorers Nature Exploration Program
The Little Explorers Nature Exploration Program
Beach crafts
Scavenger Hunt


This program was created for children between the age of 1-6. All of the activities are meant for the children to be able to do on their own or with minimal help from the parents.  Your children will develop their Fine motor skills, their Creativity it will enhance their decision-making skills, encourages Self Expression and increases their dexterity.


This program will make you save time, no need to search for activities and arts and crafts online anymore. Each month, you will receive a program with a different theme each month.

1. Print it out and stick your checklist on your fridge
2. Choose the activity you want to do this week
3.Head out for a nature walk to collect everything needed for your craft
4. Come back home and start creating
5. Share your creation with us for a chance to get featured
6. Do it all over again the following week

Nature program

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