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The Little Explorers Climbing Club

At The Ground Up Climbing Centre in Squamish

Every 2nd Friday of the month 9:30-11:30 at Ground Up Climbing Centre (Sept 2018 – February 2019)

Littles will be introduced to the foundational skills of climbing including safety, balance,
movement, communication, safe lowering technique, and basic goal setting. The group will begin with a tour to review rules and a warm up game.
It will end with some group
stretching. An obstacle course will be set up to help with developing movement skills.
There will be a designated snack area as well.

Things You Should Know

We ask that parents arrive on time but are free to leave early if they feel their child needs to.

The gym will be open to the public during this club time, and only 1 ground up staff will
be supervising/instructing this group. Therefore, it is important that all children in the
club are able to consistently follow the gym rules including “staying with the group,
no running, and no swinging on ropes”.
Parents/Guardians will be responsible for direct supervision of their children and will
be asked to leave if any rules are not being followed.
The club has a maximum of 20 participants at a session, so you must sign up for a session
ahead of time. Ground up is charging parents $5 per child/session. Please indicate if you
have taken your belay test at ground up, as only those who have done so will be allowed

to belay.

Clean running shoes may be worn by participants. Please let us know if you have a
toddler harness and if you would be willing to share it during the session.