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Environmental Sustainability

The Little Explorers is doing a lot towards environmental sustainability, namely in terms of how it creates behavior change, in the little ones as well as their parents, by exposing them to the outdoors in a way they would maybe not necessarily do on their own.

Explore The Trails

Once or twice weekly, we host walks in each of our locations and explore different trails. We do anything from hikes, nature arts, scavenger hunts, bike rides, professionals speakers and much more! People are free to show up for any activities or speeches that are interesting to them. We want to help parents and their children gain better knowledge and interest in the outdoors while being active outside and practicing different sports.

Try New Things

Introducing local toddlers to new sports, and outdoor activities, that they aren’t familiar with. The Little Explorers opens new doors for these young families to try out new things through guided adventures and clinics. It also teaches nature’s respect and safety. With a supportive community surrounding us, it feels much better and comfortable trying new things.

The Little Explorers


The Little Explorers is an organization, whose purpose is to connect families together while enjoying the outdoors. Our goal is to introduce young children to nature and have them explore on their own as much as possible while ensuring a fun, and safe environment.

We host weekly meet-ups that are held at a different location each week. We want to be diverse in our outings as much as possible and give the chance to the little ones and their families to experience as many different kinds of adventures as possible and get them out of their comfort zone, surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded parents.
The meeting destination will be posted on our facebook group or in our event calendar

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