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About The Little Explorers

Founded in June 2017, we are a group of little explorers, parents and pre school kiddos, based in Squamish, BC, the outdoor capital of Canada.  Here in Squamish, we are spoiled with the many options we have to stay active and practice sports and outdoor activities. Climbing, mountain biking, Hiking, kite boarding, rafting, snowboarding… We’ve got it all. That’s why having an outdoor group for children  makes so much sense here in this outdoorsy community.

There’s a lot of new families in Squamish and being new in a big town can sometimes be quite intimidating. A group like this can give the opportunity to families to make news friends, learn about this beautiful town and it’s community, and get to know all of the coolest hang out spots in town.

Have you had the desire to get out and explore with your children but just don’t know how to get started or don’t have a community or friends to go out with? Well, this group might just be what you need.

Meet The Founder

Marie-Andree Racine

Marie-Andree Racine


Hi, I'm Marie. I've been passionate about the beautiful places I've seen out here In British Columbia and my mission now is to show this amazing world in all ways possible to my sons Jackson and his little brother Deegan.  I want to inspire families to do the same and get out into nature and explore with their little ones. I want them to learn how to appreciate what nature has to offer, teach them some basic skills about the great outdoors and help them raise some nature lovers and adventurers.

Meet Our Creative People

Diana Hartig

Diana Hartig

Diana Hartig | Online Marketing

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